About Jenna ~ Life Coach for Equestrians

‚ÄčThe last twenty years of my life have led me down this amazing path to Equestrian Life Coach. My life has been fully devoted to a journey of personal growth & living my dream equestrian lifestyle.  I have experienced outrageous, mind-blowing success and dark, how-did-it-come-to-this epic failure.

I have learned through trial and many errors. I have made mistakes and paid dearly. I have lived on both sides of the tracks and it’s those experiences that have tested me to the bone.
And no matter how much I was pulled down, I never lost my belief that those “lessons” had a bigger purpose. I was meant to live it all, to personally experience how to climb out from a downward spiral inch by inch, step by step. To not only live at the bottom and be challenged to the core, but to get to the complete other side. The side where life is magical. The place you dream about but never think you can get to or deserve.
My life’s purpose and passions are so clear and wonderful. It is to help women; especially equestrian women lead lives they absolutely love. My mission is to guide you, stand by you, give you the tools, eliminate the negatives, and ensure you are moving only with intention and direction, purposefully towards your vision. To recapture the life you once dreamed of but somehow got left behind. I am here for you. I am your own personal equestrian life coach to help you on this journey.
I have created systems and programs to help you practice habits, manage your time, master your mindset and live fully into a life you love. Your life is going to change and transform even more than you could have ever imagined. No need to go it alone. Grasp the power of a team riding side by side with you. Discover the difference.

What we want are successful & fulfilling careers, passionate relationships, more time at the barn, success in the show ring, a vibrant healthy and fit body... can it all be yours? 

Yes, It Can!
Here's my powerful truth.  I have a gift. My gift is helping others soar. This is what I love to do, so let’s do this together.
For those that have read this far, here is an additional bonus offer and a gift for you: A free phone consultation.
Let’s share some time together and plan a way to overcome your obstacles, put a smile back on your face, a giddyap in your step, and put you back up on the saddle of life.
Happiness and living a life you love is...priceless.  Contact me today, let’s connect. 
Jenna Knudsen
Call: 845-702-9620  Email: thesmartequestrian@gmail.com

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